Spend Christmas Day NEAR the Fryd’s In the Florida Everglades!


It’s that time of year again, and nothing says “Christmas” more than a picnic in the swamp!

Seriously, this is Alison, Michael and David’s favorite time of year to visit the Everglades. The weather is cool, the animals are generally plentiful, and the kids don’t have school!

We will spend an hour or so walking the Anhinga Trail Boardwalk (perfect for kids from 9 weeks to 90 years). Then back in the car for a 10 minute drive to the Long Pine Key campground for a picnic lunch by the lake.

Rain or shine, meet us at the Royal Palm Visitor Center parking lot around 10:45 am. The Anhinga trail starts at the Royal Palm Visitor Center, which is about 4 miles past the main entrance's Ernest Coe Visitor Center.

This is not the part of the park near the Tamiami Trail. The Anhinga Trail is near Homestead/Florida City.

Please RSVP with the form below, so we can figure out what to bring. We hope you will join us. Don’t forget sunscreen, your camera and binoculars if you have them!

There is a $30/car admission fee to the park. This is valid for seven days, but you may want to splurge and spend $55 on an annual Everglades Nationalal Park pass. You can find links to the park’s web site, maps and all the necessary details below

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You can also RSVP to Alison on her cell phone: 975-5347 in area code 305.

Useful Links:

  • Google Maps view of the Anhinga Trail
    The Anhinga Trail is down south, near Homestead. It is not along the Tamiami Trail

    The trail starts at the Royal Palm Visitor Center. This is a small building inside the park. It is not the main visitor center by the park entrance.
  • Everglades National Park
    There is a $30/car admission fee. Prepaid digital passes can be purchased online. Annual passes for Everglades National Park are available at the gate for $55, or all national parks for $80. Those of us 62 and over can buy a $20 annual pass good at all National Parks, or splurge and buy a lifetime pass for $80.
  • Anhinga Trail This is where we walk. It is one the most popular trails in the park.
  • Flamingo Adventures Authorized Concessioner based near the Flamingo Visitor Center at the Southern tip of the park. Offering Housboat rentals, BikerRentals, Eco-Tents rentals, Boat Tours, and other services.
  • Camping in Everglades National Park Reservations through Flamingo Adventures.
  • "Robert is Here" Fresh Fruit Stand
    We used to stop here on our way back from the park. Unfortunately, Robert is Here is now closed on Christmas Day. If you visit the Everglades at another time, you might want to stop here for their delicious Fresh Fruit Smoothies and fresh local produce.